General Omowale Speaks


"In time with a continuous movement we will one day realize the truth of our abilities and finally learn the true knowledge of ourselves"

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    panafricanfreedom (Wednesday, 21 May 2014 12:26)

    General Omawale:
    I expel fear because my life is meaningless unless it is spent fighting for the liberation of our people.

Mission Statement

The Pan African Freedom Association is a global effort to change the social, economic, political, cultural, educational,  and religious perspective of African people all over the world. And the members pledge themselves to all in their power to struggle for the rights of African people and to respect the rights of all mankind as long as the respect is mutual. If our humanity is not respected we will strike with no mercy nor remorse. The motto that we stand on is “African People United will realize and bring into being the great destiny that awaits them!” Therefore, we struggle empowered by our great ancestors willing to lay down our lives and when necessary take life. Through unity, strong will, and unwavering loyalty we will be successful.