General Omowale Speaks


"In time with a continuous movement we will one day realize the truth of our abilities and finally learn the true knowledge of ourselves"

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    panafricanfreedom (Wednesday, 21 May 2014 12:26)

    General Omawale:
    I expel fear because my life is meaningless unless it is spent fighting for the liberation of our people.



We are the Vanguard the only organization not based on being black but being African. We not on encompass revolution in our doctrine we focus on all principles of independent nationhood such as Education, Healthcare, Politics, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Religion, Skilled Trades Training, Economy, and Social Order.


We are here for African People no matter where they are in the world all we need is your support. All we need is your time and/or your charity if you have it to give. We need African Men and African Women to stand with us. Without you can we can never be successful and we will remain in our current decadence. We are here to serve African People but we need you. Africa Unite!!!!!


Our philosophy is simple move swiftly, think as one, and move as a unit. When we do these we will be successful.


- Africa Warrior Ethos

  • Never leave a comrade behind unless conditions are without escape.
  • Never surrender.
  • Never place anything above the mission at hand.
  • Protect the innocent amongst African People at any cost.
  • Never disobey a direct order unless you are ordered to harm someone within the PAFA. (The only exception is if ordered by Commanding General/Chairman Rasul Khalid Omowale.